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If you are looking for a body wash for blemished skin, this is the product for you. If you are struggling with body acne, this is just what you need. The Ayumi Turmeric Body Wash is formulated with all the natural ingredients that your skin needs to look clean, fresh, and young.

Our body wash contains turmeric root extract, which is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial in nature. It fights body acne, no matter how long you have been struggling with it. Feel your skin getting softer and smoother with every wash. You will feel the difference! This body wash contains Papaya Fruit Extract, extending the benefits of papaya to your skin. Papaya extract gently exfoliates the skin, washing away dirt and dead skin cells. Say goodbye to flaky patches on your elbows and heels. With our body wash, enjoy healthier skin. It reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemishes anywhere on the body.

Our body lotion has glycerine. It locks in moisture, so your skin remains hydrated all day long. Amla extract and Vitamin C help boost collagen, repairing damaged skin. They fade out any discolouration. Improve your skin’s elasticity, and get rid of any stretch marks with this age-defying body wash.

The body wash has 100% ingredients like Argan oil, Lemon oil, Lemongrass oil, Mandarin Orange Oil, and Eucalyptus leaf oil to do everything for your skin. These essential oils hydrate, repair, and restore your skin’s elasticity and glow. Use the Ayumi Turmeric Body Scrub for best results.